Freeman’s Southern Pride Burger – 1/2 Pound Burger Topped with Pulled Pork, Honey BBQ Sauce, Coleslaw and Provolone Cheese – 11.99

Basic Burger - 1/2 Pound of Very Happy Cow – 9.49

Black & Bleu Burger (Cajun)
1/2 Pounder, Cajun Spices & Bleu Cheese on a Toasted Bun – 10.49

Freak Burger – 1/2 Pounder, Freaks Come Out at Night! Topped with Slaw, Fries and Cheese – 10.49

Vegas Burger - 1/2 Pounder, Take a Gamble on this Burger with BBQ Sauce, Ham, Bacon and Cheese – 11.99

Old English Burger – 1/2 Pounder Loaded with Mushrooms, Sautéed Onion, and Swiss Cheese. A Burger Fit for a King! – 10.49

Panther Burger  – 1 Pound – Two All Beef Patties, Our Special Sauce, Onion, Pickles, Lettuce, Cheese, on Our Toasted Bun. Substitute Chicken Breast for Beef and Honey Mustard - 12.99

Make it a Platter!!! Add Fries & Coleslaw - 1.99

Consuming raw or undercooked foods such as beef, raw poultry, shellfish and eggs may cause serious illness due to harmful bacteria.